The POWERFUL girl.

What is power? Power is so subjective. Some people think they are powerful with their wealth, name and position but even then, power is subjective. Some may be “powerful”, yet they feel powerless. But what can one do with all that power? Use it for the good.

I am restless. I’m not stepping down. This is the fire within me that speaks. I am no special person but to me I am the world. Learn to position yourself in a powerful stance and never let anyone think you are powerless.

The second you think that someone is more powerful than you, that’s the second you have lost insight. What do we actually own in this short, short life? People may think they know you and have a hold of you- no. You are changing every day, and you are not expected to be the person you were yesterday.

If someone thinks they are entitled, screw them. You take your stand and show your worth. No-one can take away your self-respect no matter whatever they may have against you.

I am not the person I was yesterday so don’t you dare think you know me. Wait and watch, this experience has taught me too much to sit back and do nothing. You do you. All the best from me but count me out.

I will work on myself. I will build myself. I will be strong because at the end of the day I am the holder of my world and everything I do is for me and those I love and not you.

I will use this experience to be a better, smarter and much more impactful human being.

Don’t you dare let someone else dictate what you do or who you are.


Let me be me and let me shine stars in my world. I’ll bring light to a place that was destined for darkness.

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