Feeling blue- you can’t always be positive

The amazing thing about blogging is that you can type exactly how you are feeling in the moment and with each word you can freeze that feeling and transfer it to be read by many others. Well, let me freeze my feeling in this very moment and tell you exactly the emotions for the week that has been.

Do you ever just feel crap and just wonder what the point of everything is? Like “so what?”. “Why does this have to happen to me?” , “So in the end, what’s the point?”.

There is great importance in being positive and surrounding yourself with positivity because it is in these brief, stupid moments you need to reflect on those happy moments. I try/ tried my best to create things that bring happiness even if it’s just in the moment and look forward to the future, even if it’s not in the long-term.

Altered states of minds are so dangerous because it can be the tipping point for either “NO, I will not let this hurdle cause a downward spiral & I’m going to come out swinging like a wrecking ball” OR that feeling of “Whatever”.

Now that feeling of not caring is NOT what you want & I can speak from experience- trust me when I say it’s not a good place to be in.

However, if you get your positivity cap on & knock your negative thoughts into the bin there is a chance for significant change.

The funny thing about these 2 polar emotions is that there doesn’t necessarily need to be a catalyst for feeling either way. I’m surprised at how human emotion can swing from one end to another.

One of the outlets that allow me to reflect (which is so helpful from time to time, to stop me from spiralling) is of course writing!

I can’t explain to you how much it helps, but it does- whether you’re in a happy mood or in a sad mood.. it is like having someone listen to you without any judgement (ironically this is published online so it does have the potential to be seen but oh well, that’s fine!)

So why this mood suddenly? Just been feeling off with a dual concoction of infections- throat and chest, headache, lethargy & overall just MEH. When you feel down with your health it truly can feel crap.. all you want is for a speedy recovery.

Me for the past 2 WEEKS! (Post originally written Aug 17)

Well, I am recovering well.. AFTER 2 WEEKS of feeling shit but it was a tonne of love, care & medication that did the trick!!

This is how I think positively, even in this crap moment.. I have the support around me with family and friends that constantly ask “How are you, How can I help, What foods would you like to eat, etc” ;

I also have the ability to spend money on medication. Not everyone has that privilege to spend money on medication or they spend the minimum to hopefully recover somewhat.

Even though this was an example of being temporarily sick health-wise.. it’s not restricted to this domain. Sometimes you don’t need a reason for being or feeling blue, you just are & the solution would just be time ,& support if needed.

If I had it my way I would wish for more consideration for the health of others/ myself but we live in a fast-paced world where missing one day of life’s moving train can cause a cascade of issues. How do we remain on our train when we just literally feel crap?

I guess being sick makes you realise the gift of being/ feeling well.

My best advice for myself is to continually create little droplets inside my bubble of a world with intentional positive drops so when I do crash I can hopefully stay afloat with the water that had been built in the past when I was well & fine.

Quotes, diary entries, encouraging words to myself, etc are things that I have built previously as a safeguard for moments like these.

I feel better coming towards the conclusion of this blog, even more so to when I started writing. I told you writing would have this effect on me!

Do you reckon some of my strategies or words could potentially help you now if needed, or in the future?

Well if you ever feel blue.. come back to this post & give a comment just because you can!

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