Life is CRAZY!!

Crazy- that’s what life is. Whether you agree or not, it’s a fact that cannot be argued. Can you just imagine the picture I’m painting for you- I’m in my warm clothes bought from Kmart, heater blazing in front of me, a MacBook Air laptop resting on my lap typing away with thoughts that are running in my mind. There have been many things that have led me to this moment.

Even cameras cannot capture the craziness of life.

Let’s start by acknowledging our existence. We sometimes forget our first win in life, and each one of you reading this blog post have won the greatest or tragic prize which is the title of coming first in the sperm race. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t win that race but surely there is a reason for our existence. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert on biology, but I guess it doesn’t take a genius to realise the phenomenal and unbelievable odds of coming into existence. But with that existence most of us feel entitled. Entitled to things that are nothing but things. When did we become a society where things became more of a priority than that of the non-material things?

I try to reflect from time to time the precious life I lead and how my life is blessed with necessities which most would die for, and unfortunately, they do. I try to reflect and be grateful of the things that I do have. But most of all I try and reflect on the family, friends and the current situation that I am in to always feel grounded. Now if I have learnt anything in my short life I can tell you that being or feeling grounded is one of the hardest things because we are constantly shoved with other people’s successes and triumphs.

It’s so difficult to focus on your path when other people try to push you off your own path. But then I think it all comes down to perception and how much we believe in ourselves and the world around us. People come with experiences and with experiences comes lessons. Lessons do not always need to be learnt through experiences but yes it does make a difference to experience something first-hand rather than being warned by someone who has personally experienced it themselves.

Sometimes I find it hard to swallow the pill of reality and the lessons and warnings that other people give. Don’t you hate it when someone says something like “You’ll regret it in the future” or “If you don’t take action now…”.

I know such advices that people give have some meaning and substance but acknowledging it is difficult. We only lead one life, but that life somehow is hard to focus our energy on. We are constantly bombarded with content that either inspires us, deflates us or does neither.

I try my best to attract or follow things that inspire me to grow and learn from, and usually it does wonders. But that in itself is an effort on its own.

I want to feel more alive. I want to give and grow but with that growth I need to realise that staying immobile is not the answer.

I question how my goals sometimes are not enough to generate energy.

So, the real question is where do we get that energy and how do we maintain it in a sustainable way?

Well let’s remember we all winners whether we view that as a tragedy or blessing, it is a given fact. Whether you choose this fact to be a starting point to change your life around is a matter of perception.

So, don’t let someone’s ominous warning of “You’ll regret this one day…” turn you immobile because you need to find what brings you alive.

The greatest advice is to try and be actively wanting to be more grateful. Whether you know how to or don’t know try finding ways to feel this because when you are grounded you can truly appreciate your ability to fly whilst being grounded in the heart.

I finish this still in my warm clothes, heater blazing and now me sipping on some warm coffee whilst the sun will be setting. For this I am grateful- I have shelter, food, water, family, friends, and love. What could I ask for more?

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

#AtinaDreams #life #blessed #thankyou

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